PHAETHON Asset Management

PHAETHON Asset Management

64 Kifisias Ave. 15125, Marousi, Athens

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Γενικές Πληροφορίες

PHAETHON, provides professional 360º Asset Management (AM) & Advisory services with reference to Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Assets, accommodating the contemporary needs and requirements of the RES Asset Owners and/or Investors following the ongoing energy transition and comprising a fast-growing company in the New Energy sector.

PHAETHON’s mission is to create value for its Clients and guide them to fully leverage the RES industry’s potential through the proper tailor-made management of their Assets:

  • with respect to key RES Technologies (Solar, Wind, Battery Storage & Green Hydrogen)
  • throughout the whole RES project lifecycle (Development, Construction, Operation),

including but not limited to the following services:

  • Commercial & Financial Asset Management
  • Technical Asset Management
  • AM Consulting Services / Asset Optimization
  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • PPA Advisory
  • O&M Services / Repowering / Revamping

The importance of professional Asset Management on the basis of essential new skills focused on energy market knowledge is growing steadily, pushed by

  • the introduction of new contractually binding requirements and the increasing exposure to merchant risk, that represent a substantial shift in risk allocation toward the RES Asset Owners and/or Investors
  • the fact that traditional Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services are mostly limited to the technical performance of the Asset usually through monitoring and on-site activities.

Therefore, the role of a competent external AM service provider is becoming a crucial element for the ROI maximization of the Asset, while providing greater flexibility to the Owners and/or Investors, who can either fully or partially outsource the management of their RES Assets.

PHAETHON’s core strength lies in its people, capitalizing on their extensive experience in development, construction and operation of large-scale RES projects in Greece and abroad, being able to add value on RES Assets both through their expertise and their strong local footprint. Our multi-disciplinary Team, based on their deep-rooted renewable industry know-how and through cost-effective operations, implements best industry practices to make data-driven decisions, manage risks and optimize assets for the long term, ensuring compliance with the regulatory and contractual obligations, as well as the performance of third parties involved; RES Asset Optimization can no longer be considered a luxury, but rather a necessity, as in the new era of increased competition and restrictions, Every kWh counts!

PHAETHON is our Clients’ Trusted Partner, creating value in a world where clean energy has become the norm and our expertise is not just a testament of our capabilities; it’s a commitment for the achievement of the best results for our Clients, driven by reliability and dedicated customer centric approach, that we have nurtured with as professionals from Tier 1 multinational companies of the RES industry to date.

Welcome to PHAETHON, Welcome to the Energy Future, by Future Proofing your Asset!