Digital solar and storage will drive transition to a smarter energy system

Over 200 smart energy players came together for the only European event on ‘Digital Solar & Storage‘ on 4-5 December at the BMW World in Munich.

Bruce Douglas, Deputy CEO of SolarPower Europe opened the event, stating:The digitalisation of the electricity system is at the core of a successful energy transition to a fully flexible and electrified energy system, based on zero marginal cost renewables such as solar PV. Digital solar and storage will come to form a new renewable energy baseload in Europe that will make the energy transition cheaper, generate more economic value and increase the number of jobs in solar. To do this we must get the right market design in place for our sector that will unleash the new era of smart solar power.”

SolarPower Europe presented its new “When solar policy went digital” report, which includes case studies from eight European countries of how policy can be used to encourage digitalisation and innovation in the solar PV ecosystem.

“Our first report, Digitalisation & Solar, identified the new business models that are emerging thanks to digitalisation. This year’s report looks at what policy is needed to allow these business models to come forward. We look at eight case studies from different European countries of how policy-makers are already encouraging innovation and call for more action at European level if we are to make the most of this business opportunity” said Sonia Dunlop, Policy Advisor, Digitalisation and Solar Task Force coordinator and lead author of the report.

“Digital solar and storage will accelerate the global energy transition and form the backbone of our future energy supply. Completely new technologies and business models will arise from this. They will be shaped by innovative companies to provide for a cost-efficient, sustainable and secure energy supply. It is now on the policy makers to create the regulatory environment to make the change happen,” said SMA Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jürgen Reinert.

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