General information

Our involvement with energy and generally with electromechanical installations for more than 25 years in the designing as well as in the construction sector, has given us the ability to get involved in the solar energy sector and the photovoltaic power plants. The main shareholder of the company is Mr. Athanasios Koutsikos (Mechanical-Electrical Engineer). The company consists of a team of well experienced, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers.

Photovoltaic Systems

Our company designs and constructs photovoltaic power plants according to the EU Standard EN 62446 and also helps in their financing. The process we follow in every project is:

  1. On site assessment of the location where the PV power plant is going to be installed.
  2. Design of the project according to the EN 62446 standard.
  3. Construction of the PV power plant according to the design.
  4. Commissioning of the project by an authorized operator of certification according to the EN 62446 standard.

Products or other information

Our company cooperates with high standard construction companies of photovoltaic panels and in cooperation with some of the biggest constructors of photovoltaic mounting systems, inverters and electrical equipment, it delivers high quality projects.