General information

SENERS is one of the oldest and most established Greek photovoltaics companies. It is engaged in the design and installation of a wide range of PV applications. SENERS was founded in 1995 by Mr Manolis Soursos, an electronics engineer, with considerable experience in PV research and applications. Mr Soursos, before setting up SENERS, has worked for several years in various multinational companies.

Photovoltaic Systems

SENERS offers all different types of photovoltaic applications. We provide small and medium size systems for consumer and residential applications, as well as larger industrial and commercial ones for special applications. The company has carried out the design and installation of several PV systems including installations in hotels, schools and especially telecom applications. SENERS is mostly concentrated in commercial

PV systems and offers solutions of the following range:

  • Grid connected PV systems.
  • Building integrated (BIPV) PV systems.
  • Stand-alone small and medium size PV systems for residence and summer houses.
  • Hybrid systems, which combine a PV system with a diesel generator or the grid as a back up.
  • Stand-alone or hybrid PV systems for telecom applications.