General information

Sarris Energy was founded in 2012, is certified according to ISO 900, ISO:14001 and OHSAS 45001, and employs 32 people. Our team consists of 10 Engineers of various disciplines, 16 Technicians with different expertise (electricians, plumbers, refrigeration specialists, etc.), as well as other administrative personnel. Additionally, we have an extensive network of Engineering and Technical partners, both in Crete and throughout Greece, who contribute to the execution of the projects we undertake.

Photovoltaic Systems

Currently, our activities are in the following three sectors:

  1. Energy Production and Storage Sector: Photovoltaics and Wind turbines, standalone or grid-connected, Energy storage systems, Electric chargers.
  2. Energy Efficiency Sector: Heat pumps, Air conditioning systems, Solar thermal systems, LED lighting, Building envelope upgrades, Energy efficiency contracts.
  3. Maintenance of Electrical and Mechanical equipment (Hard FM) Sector: Operation and maintenance of public and private facilities with a focus on electromechanical systems and installations (air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, etc.).

It should be noted that the company has extensive experience in the field of Public Works and Public Procurement, having executed hundreds of projects. Additionally, the company has significant expertise in managing funded programs related to its areas of activity.