General information

We are Lightsource bp – a leading company in the solar development, management and operation of large-scale photovoltaic projects around the world.

We are working to change the way our world is powered by sustainable and responsible solar energy.  Since 2010 and through our 50:50 joint venture with bp, we have been developing affordable, reliable, large-scale solar energy to meet the needs of growing demand for reliable electricity and help investors, businesses, organizations, and local communities decarbonize.

We are growing fast, constantly learning, investing, and pushing our boundaries to support the advance of the energy transition. We leverage and develop talent from all sectors to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future. Our people and projects are focused on supporting long-term sustainable development and strengthening the resilience of the world around us.

Our team includes over 1100 industry experts, working in 19 countries. We provide a complete service to our customers, from initial site selection, financing, and licensing to long-term management of solar projects.

By 2025, we are aiming for 25GW – it’s a challenge that drives us forward.

We have entered the Greek market since 2020 and we currently have a portfolio of 1GW projects in various phases of development.