General information

Our strong commitment to satisfying the needs and demands of our clients has been guiding us for decades, always selecting distinguished partners with matching philosophy and experience. Our aim is to ensure that our clients will invest in best of breed solutions, reliable equipment and support services of high Quality and Performance, regarding PV modules, Solar Inverters and Energy Storage Systems.


PV modules

SOLARWATT – Made in Dresden, Germany

SOLARWATT was founded in 1993 in Dresden, Germany. Since then, it has been developing the photovoltaic technology, with dedication to raw material quality and production process. Its specialization is the fully automated manufacturing of Glass-Glass technology PV modules, which are accompanied by a 30 Year Product Warranty!

KIOTO SOLAR – Made in Austria.

The Austrian Manufacturer KIOTO SOLAR has been developing advanced Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic systems equipment solutions, serving consistently the “Solar Industry” for the past 25 years. KIOTO SOLAR has an advanced technology production line in St. Veit, Austria and produces high quality Glass-Foil and Glass-Glass crystalline silicon PV modules from top-quality raw materials.

VIKRAM SOLAR – Made in India

PV modules of high standards from India, the rising power of the global PV industry, which guarantee excellent performance and reliability at a competitive cost! VIKRAM SOLAR is the only Indian Tier-1 PV Manufacturer in the Top Tier list of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, with an annual production capacity reaching 1GWp in 2017.


FRONIUS – Made in Austria

The Austrian company FRONIUS manufactures top-of-the-line PV Inverters with the innovative SnapInverter design for an easy installation and maintenance. Our company guarantees excellent services and delivery within 48 hours all over Greece concerning the needs of our customers for new projects as well as for replacement of old inverters of third-party manufacturers.



The Austrian Manufacturer GILDEMEISTER Energy Solutions makes the breakthrough in energy saving with the CELLCUBE. The CELLCUBE is the ideal integrated energy storage system for medium and large scale applications requiring high autonomy times (> 4h). The CELLCUBE is a large Vanadium Redox Flow Battery, which offers unlimited cyclisation and very deep depth of discharge without any effect on the battery efficiency, while being completely safe (non-overheating / non-explosive / non-toxic) and reliable for a lifetime of more than 20 years.