General information

Eurosol GmbH started its operations in 1994 and has already more than 2000 photovoltaic systems running. Having gone through different stages of national development, it now plans and implements large-scale projects not only in Germany but also in France, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium and the United States. One of the key factors of its success is the partnership with leading manufacturers, which ensures its access to guaranteed supply capacities. Eurosol Hellas S.A., following the successful path of its parent company Eurosol GmbH, started in 2011, recognizing the needs and characteristics of the Greek market. Our strong points are the technical knowledge, experience and financial strength of the parent company combined with the grounded and well-knit team of the local subsidiary. Eurosol Hellas S.A., is supplying Greek contractors, installers and investors seeking optimal results in their PV business, satisfying all their needs in equipment, design, planning, operation, maintenance and support.

Photovoltaic Systems

Eurosol Hellas S.A., based on the 20 years experience of its parent company, as well as on its highly qualified, committed and reliable employees is designing, planning and operating systems with high yields and low risk.

We feel obliged to provide you, reliably and competitively with:

  • Optimal solution design
  • Quality equipment selectiοn
  • Installation planning, supervision and coordination
  • Certifications and warranties
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Regular updates and support of partners

Products or other information

Having a long term perspective in solar business, we strongly believe that high quality equipment leads to high yields. That’s why we choose to offer a wide variety of PV components, that all meet our quality standards. Our product range comprises solar modules frοm selected manufacturers such as Sharp, Solon, Schott, Yingli, BYD, as well as several inverter brands such as Fronius, Power-One, Siemens and SMA.