General information

The Copernicus Energy Company was founded in 2010 and its main purpose is construction projects from Renewable Energy Sources. Our company provides comprehensive and highly professional services related to studies, licensing, design, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems and other R.E.S. projects.

Our main activity fields are:

  • The implementation of electric and thermal energy production systems from Renewable Sources.
  • Projects of Energy Saving and Green Growth.
  • Electrical installations in residential/office complexes.

The high level of expertise and experience of our engineers as well as the excellent organization of the company, guarantees the efficiency and reliability of our services. These features are complemented and endorsed by our strategic choices that consistently support our upward trend.

More specific:

  • The development orientation of our company, through continuous technical and financial support of investments in RES projects for the same holding.
  • The construction of public and private electrical projects. Copernicus Energy cooperates with the largest construction companies under subcontracting work relationship.
  • The saving of energy (active and passive) in conjunction with green growth projects. DHW production to cover requirements of buildings and agricultural needs (greenhouses).

Photovoltaic Systems

We are dealing with the whole range of photovoltaic systems from small independent or interconnected grid systems, to large photovoltaic power stations (Medium Voltage), as well as with the integration of auto-produced electricity from Photovoltaic systems in the net metering program. Before any investment, we undertake the assessment of the project and accordingly advise the investor. Then we carry out the design, licensing, construction, commissioning and maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems.

Each project is delivered in full operation, including the preparation of topographic and geotechnical studies, the installation of other equipment (such as security systems, lighting and extinguishing systems) and all civil work (such as earthworks’ preparation, anchoring of the support systems and the enclosure).