General information

PHAOS Renewables is a Greek major regional distributor of photovoltaic equipment covering Greece, Cyprus, the Balkan area and the Middle East. Established in February 2019, it has a long history and vast experience in the sector as its members are active in the PV industry since 2007. Hence, it managed really quickly to secure a significant market share in the region while it was able to introduce and establish new brands in the market! Customer oriented by philosophy, PHAOS Renewables is the reliable partner which guarantees the supply of excellent solutions and products to its customers while being able to support technical aspects too, due to the engineering background of its members.

Photovoltaic Systems

PHAOS Renewables is a dynamic distributor of PV equipment. Being the official distribution channel of the most renowned manufacturers of solar modules and inverters, it offers superior quality products and services to its clients. At the same time, it can provide solutions regarding mounting structures and energy storage being able to provide the complete package with regards to all kind of applications. Warehousing its products in two locations, Thessaloniki and Attica, and keeping adequate stock it offers to its partners and clients flexibility and quick service. PHAOS Renewables is a key-player of the regional market of S.E. Europe with regards to PV projects of energy communities, commercial and industrial applications as well as projects on residential roofs having capitalized the aforementioned assets.