General information

OX2 was founded in Sweden in 2004 with the purpose of leading the energy evolution. OX2 manages the entire value chain of renewable energy solutions – from acquisition of project rights and greenfield to development, the permit application process, realization, procurement, construction and technical and commercial management. Today OX2 is one the largest developers of onshore wind in Europe.

Facts & Numbers (as per December 31, 2022)

• Founded in 2004 in Sweden
• 366 employees
• Present in 11 markets across Europe
• Entered the Greek market in 2022
• Net sales (full year 2022) 7,644 MSEK
• Sold capacity (full year 2022) 4,625 MW
• Project development portfolio 28864 MW
• Construction portfolio 1,343 MW
• TCM (Technical & Commercial Management) portfolio: 3,848 MW
• Solar technology has been a core part of OX2’s growth strategy since 2018
• First solar project sold in May 2022 – Recz solar farm in Poland (29 MW)
• Project development portfolio of about 4 GW in seven markets, across different stages of development, at year-end 2022
• OX2’s solar hub with key expertise across the value chain is based in Spain

Photovoltaic Systems

OX2 started developing solar power in 2018 where, as with all its chosen technologies, will operate at all stages of the value chain – from financing, permits and sales to construction and management. OX2 develops both land-based and floating solar power facilities, the latter established on lagoons, basins and lakes. OX2 is also developing agrivoltaics, a system where solar modules are installed in such a way that the land can be used for agriculture at the same time. OX2 is also working with hybrid solutions that combine solar power with various energy storage solutions.