General information

Endergy designs and develops large-scale RES projects, since 2006.

The procedure of planning and development large-scale RES projects requires:

  • Continuous monitoring of the legislation and adaption to the modifications of the law
  • Selection of the appropriate land plot for the project, with special attention on the following:
    • clear understanding of the ownership status
    • identification of accessibility options
    • optimization of the energy production
    • compatibility with the Environmental legislation
    • compatibility with the Spatial Planning for RES projects
    • Grid connectivity
  • Submission and provision of any supplementary data required for all the applications, and compilation of the necessary studies at every stage of the licensing procedure
    • Producer Certificate (Regulatory Authority for Energy, RAE)
    • Environmental Terms Approval (Decentralized Administration of Region)
    • Connection Terms (Independent Power Transmission Operator, IPTO)
    • Securing of the land rights
    • Installation License (Decentralized Administration of Region)
    • Connection Agreement (Independent Power Transmission Operator, IPTO)
    • Power Purchase Agreement, PPA
    • Operation License (Decentralized Administration of Region)
  • Discussion with the local authorities and the local communities to safeguard the project acceptance
  • Continuous monitoring of the project progress, keeping up with the time-schedule, up until the realization of the project.

In addition to the above, Endergy provides consulting services for the introduction of a RES project into the Strategic or Emblematic investments.

All the above can be achieved through an open and sincere cooperation with the investor.

Among our customers, there are some of the leading domestic and international companies in the field. Endergy developed the first large-scale PV project in Greece with a capacity of 204MW, which is already in operation. At the same time, we have developed and currently under development, RES projects with a total capacity exceeding 2,000MW.