Greenvolt Next Greece


Ploutarchou 21, 15351, Pallini


General information

Greenvolt Next Greece is the result of the partnership between Greenvolt Group and Globalsat Group, perfectly combining the experience and know-how of Greenvolt in the field of green energy, with the strength and high recognition of Globalsat in the field of technology. Greenvolt Next Greece provides integrated green energy solutions for the modern business, which fully cover its energy needs from production to consumption, charging, storage and energy monitoring.

Greenvolt Next Greece’s solutions cover four main areas: Solar Energy, EV Charging, IoT Smart Metering, Energy Communities

The vision of Greenvolt Next Greece is to gradually increase our contribution to the fight against climate change, reduce our environmental footprint and promote a more sustainable world on an environmental, social and economic level.

We are changing the way we produce, consume and we share our energy.

Greenvolt started its operation in 2021 and has recorded an impressive development path, as it is included in the fastest growing green energy production companies in Europe. In the field of distributed electricity generation from renewable resources (Distributed Generation), Greenvolt has presence in six countries in Europe (Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Italy, Germany) and is constantly expanding.

Photovoltaic Systems

+200.000 Installed Panels

+150 MW Installed Power

+101.280 Tones Co2 Yearly Avoided

4.485.488 Trees Planted

+250 Partners

+32.000.000 Revenue for 2022