General information

FEGEN has been established in 2003 with wide range of projects in the electronics sector, while by 2012 shifted to the energy sector:

1.Being part of the international sales team of FIMER solar inverters and power stations, contributing in 250MW power station sales in Greece and worldwide.
2.Constructing 600kW of residential rooftop solar installations all over Greece.
3.Developing and producing a new series of Hybrid Solar products for the production and distribution of electric and thermal energy for the coverage of consumption in electricity and hot water in buildings, contributing this way in the acquisition of high energy efficiency grade.

Since 2017 FEGEN has established a company in California USA, aiming in the Hybrid Solar sales in the US market, due to the new relative legislation that requires all new buildings to have a rooftop solar and solar thermal installation, a legislation that is soon expected to be also adopted in Europe.

Photovoltaic Systems


1.Makes possible the production of electricity and hot water with the use of a single Hybrid Solar panels identically looking with the conventional solar one, that can be installed even horizontally with minor efficiency compromises, securing this way the impeccable, homogenized roof and building aesthetics.
2.Eliminates the conventional indoor boiler room, offering an expandable Single-Size, All-in-One, outdoor, fully certified device for the Hybrid energy distribution in the building, reducing this way the construction and maintenance cost, freeing space in the building, avoiding responsibility conflicts in case of malfunction and contributing in the decentralization of complex installations.
3.Offers a Retrofit Kit that makes possible the upgrading of existing solar installations to Hybrid ones in a reasonable cost.

Products or other information


• Has a 40.000sm newly built vertically integrated factory that guarantees the total quality control of its products
• Produces a diversified Single Mppt Multi Modular inverter architecture that guarantees higher yield

This way succeeds in more than 1GW annual sales of complete power stations, with major clients mainly big developers such as ENEL and ACCIONA that particularly care about higher yields, ranked in sales 8th worldwide.