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General information

ENGAIA S.A. is a pioneer in the field of Energy Transition Systems, specializing particularly in photovoltaic installations and other Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Storage Systems, and Electromobility. It maintains branches in Thessaloniki and Athens and is a member of the ECOERA group of companies, an international group based in London, United Kingdom.

The company has over 18 years of experience in the Renewable Energy Sector in Greece and abroad, with more than 400 projects covering the development, engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance of Photovoltaic Installations. It provides integrated solutions for Electrical Energy Storage Systems for residential and commercial use, as well as for Utility scale Electric Energy Storage Stations. Additionally, it operates in the field of electromobility, with the development of a private DC fast-charging network, ENGAIA Charge, and providing solutions for residential and commercial electric vehicle charging installations.

The company also expands its activity into the development of projects involving other renewable energy technologies and has significant R&D activity in the Biomass Gasification sector.

ENGAIA’s staff consists of experienced engineers with extensive experience in the engineering and construction of Renewable Energy Projects both in Greece and abroad.

The philosophy of ENGAIA focuses on addressing the increasing concerns about the sustainability of the environment. Its goal is to contribute to the reduction of the consumption of fossil fuels and restoring the balance of the planet. Every investment in Renewable Energy Sources has a double benefit: economic and environmental.

ENGAIA’s values ​​focus on quality, economy, and reliability, from its inception as a pioneer company in the field of Renewable Energy until today.