Athens Offices

Tatoiou 165 & Odisseos, Metamorfosi 144 52, Athens



Schimatari Offices

Koukouleza 35, Schimatari , 32009


General information

DIMKAT company started in the 90s. It is made up of experienced electricians, engineers and professionals with excellent knowledge and customer-centric approach. Part of its mentality and approach to entrepreneurship is the search for innovation and ways of sustainable development. The company’s involvement with Renewable Energy Sources and especially photovoltaic installations with their construction and maintenance is the business interest of the company. For this reason, it is evolving by adding new engineers with knowledge in the field of Renewable Energy Sources to its workforce, having at the same time experience in the field and relevant knowledge.

DIMKAT company undertakes the entire range of work related to the construction of a photovoltaic park from the feasibility study, construction to operation and maintenance.

Having developed projects of hundreds of MW, DIMKAT evolves in strategic partnerships, constantly equipping its potential with prestigious suppliers that ensure the result promised to the customer.