General information

The company was founded in 2010 with a dominant role in the domestic market of photovoltaic technology and with the main objective to provide services that cover the whole range of photovoltaic power station’s implementation procedures (study, maintenance, construction, procurement of equipment).

“The company’s vision is to contribute to the development of renewable energy sources and their integration in the planet’s energy mix.”

“Our goal is to provide quality services that ensure the uninterrupted production of clean energy.”

The ARServices has initiated the development and management of photovoltaic projects (project management) with a total installed power more than 50MW, and it has constructed several photovoltaic projects with more than 10MW installed power (EPC solutions). Thanks to a specialized software, the company monitors by distance the smooth operation of the fixed equipment, and retains the previous construction projects in its system.

Since 2014 the company has invested important funds in the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment with a view to providing specialized services of photovoltaic panels’ cleaning.


Our staff

The ARServices team consists of qualified and experienced professionals, with a wide scientific background (electricians, engineers, environmentalists, economists) who work regularly for optimal preparation, management and performance of each project.

The ARServices is certified with the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV Rheinland carrier Greece in the field of “Study, Procurement and Construction of Photovoltaic Power Stations.”

We cooperate with investors for the development, construction and management of PV projects.

We also cooperate with enterprises and individuals for the financing and installation of photovoltaic panels in commercial roofs.

All customers benefit from our experience in the design of quality projects with high effectiveness.



The ARServices company has set as an objective its active contribution to the common vision of green growth. The achievement of this objective is possible through specialized energy studies and integrated photovoltaic technology solutions, supervision, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks.



We ensure the high quality of equipment, individual materials and operation and performance of PV systems through strong partnerships with common objectives, certifications of international bodies, equipment’s calibration and use of state-of-the-art technology concerning the measurable machinery.



We have experienced staff with specialized knowledge of the subject, we follow the required standards & procedures, and we provide unreservedly guarantees for good operation of each photovoltaic system.



We provide flexible proposals and solutions in service and production level by ensuring added value to each choice of our customers.



The high quality of our projects and services we offer, the consistency and the unbreakable relationship of trust with our customers and partners are the powerful skills that give us the possibility to constantly expand our activities.

In the context of integrated photovoltaic systems development, the ARServices concludes strategic agreements with the most important companies in the industry, by forming strong presence in the field and satisfying at the same time the stringent criteria of our customers.


Comparative advantages of our partners:

  • Certified services by international bodies
  • High performance indicators with high standard equipment
  • Optimal relation design between price – cost – quality
  • Direct support from highly trained staff
  • Flexible product delivery