General information

We are a company with extensive experience in sustainable energy. We have a strong commitment to the Energy Transition and we focus our activity on its fundamental principles: decarbonization, electrification and energy efficiency & digitalization.

We offer our clients complete solutions for their projects, collaborating with them throughout the entire process to provide added value in each link of the supply chain.

The best partner for renewable projects

We offer integrated solutions throughout the value chain, providing services and products from the best brands for solar projects, wind OEMs, wind farm maintenance and hydroelectric power plants.

We have extensive logistical experience that guarantees optimal management of the entire supply chain.

Solar photovoltaics

As a specialized component supplier, we provide the most suitable photovoltaic solutions for each project. Our expert technical service department accompanies our customers throughout the entire process.

65 years of experience and presence in 15 countries

Our global experience also gives us in-depth knowledge of each market, so we can offer safe, high-quality services without increasing costs.