44 Irakliou Avenue, Ano Patisia, PC 11141, Athens



79A Ikarou Avenue, PC 71307, Heraklion, Crete



25 Dodekanisou, Thessaloniki, PC 54626


General information

AENAOS Energy Systems is a Greek company which operates and expands dynamically in the field of Renewable Energy Systems.

AENAOS was founded in 1998 in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Its long-lasting, continuous, exclusive, and uninterrupted presence in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and its cooperation with reputable manufacturers of Solar and Wind Energy equipment, establishes AENAOS as one of the leading and reliable companies in the sector.

In the recent years, AENAOS has been developing rapidly with physical and electronic stores and an extensive network of locally affiliated installers.

Indicatively, until today AENAOS Energy Systems has designed, built and supported successfully all over Greece and abroad:

• More than 500 Off Grid Photovoltaic Installations
• More than 250 Net Metering systems and Solar Roofs,
• More than 120 Large Scale Photovoltaic Stations
• Wind Energy Parks (Farms) with total power 30 MW

Our company operates nationwide having 3 physical stores in Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion Crete including the only Green Cash & Carry store. Store exclusive with Energy – Industrial equipment as it has developed a network of partners capable of respond to any area and any challenge and operates according to the highest quality standards such as ISO 9001: 2015. Concerning its partnerships, AENAOS is constantly developing its network of associates in Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkan countries, and has started its activities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our vision is the maximum utilization of Renewable Energy Sources for human and nature.

Photovoltaic Systems

The company offers integrated energy solutions and a rich portfolio of activities in designing, constructing, and maintaining of:

• Photovoltaic Stations / Parks
• Photovoltaic Systems for industrial and domestic roofs
• Off-Grid Energy Systems
• Small Scale Wind Energy applications (to 50KW)
• Wind Energy Parks (MW)
• Energy Backup Systems
• EV Charger
• Industrial Batteries (Sunlight strategic partnership)
• Solar Pumping Systems
• Solar Water Heaters
• Heating – Cooling