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General Info

STALCO S.A. manufactures and supplies since 1973 a range of electrical distribution products for HEDNO distribution network such as Medium and Low Voltage Panels, fuse cut-outs, outdoor Medium Voltage Substations, instrument voltage and current transformers for medium voltage network.

Photovoltaic activities

Our company manufactures and offers Outdoor Substations suitable for photovoltaic parks. We have selected and standardized Substations with a power of 500kVA and 1000kVA but this is not an inhibitor in being able to adapt them to the specific needs of our customers. Our substations are designed and constructed that they are delivered uniformly and fully assembled, with the only part remaining to be their connection to the middle and low voltage. Our guiding principle over the years is the quality in the manufacture and the use of high quality materials. In this way we ensure trouble-free operation, durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

All the metal construction of our substation as well as the mounting of the medium voltage fields and the construction of the low voltage panel, is done in our factory in the A’ Industrial Area of Volos. ‘This is how we manage to have low delivery times and the ability to fully configure the construction to the wishes of our customers.


  • Outdoor Substations 0.4/20kV & 0.8/20kV
  • Medium Voltage Oil Immersed Instrument Voltage-Power Transformers 20/0,1 kV
  • Medium Voltage Cast Resin Instrument Current Transformers 20/5A, 30/5A, 50/5A
  • Medium Voltage Fuse cut-outs