HELLENiQ RENEWABLES Single Member S.A (previously named ELPE Renewables) was founded in 2006 and is a fully owned subsidiary. HELLENiQ RENEWABLES plans to develop significant renewable capacity in the next few years, leading to diversification of the Group’s energy portfolio and contributing to offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions through reaching >1 GW of operating capacity by 2025 and >2 GW by 2030.

The following stations are in operation:

– 1 PV park of 204 MW capacity in Kozani.

– 8 PV parks located at various Group sites, including all 3 of its refineries, with a total nominal capacity of 21 MW.

– PV park clusters with a total capacity of 16 MW in Viotia.

– Wind farms with a total capacity of 99 MW in Mani, Evia and Messinia.

– 17 PV net-metering systems totaling approximately 270 kW, installed at EKO and BP fuel stations.

– 2 PV parks of 15 MW in Cyprus

Based on the above, HELPE Renewables’ total installed capacity amounts to 355 MW. More than 3 GW of projects, mainly PV, wind and energy storage are currently in various stages of development.

On February 17, 2020, HELLENiQ RENEWABLES signed an agreement for the acquisition and construction of a PV park at the broader area of Kozani with the German RES developer and contractor JUWI. The transaction was completed on October 1, 2020, and the project’s inauguration was done on 6 April 2022.

The project’s total installed capacity reaches 204 MW, making it one of the largest RES plants both in Greece and in Europe, so far. Its annual electricity generation is estimated at around 350 GWh, which is sufficient to power 75,000 homes with zero-emission energy, leading to a CO2 emission avoidance of over 90,000 tons p.a.

The total investment exceeds €130 million and significantly benefits the regional economy, in Western Macedonia, Greece. More than 35% of the equipment, materials and labour are sourced from Greece, while over 300 jobs have been created during the construction phase. Finally, dozens of direct and indirect jobs have been created during operation, that have been mostly covered by the local community. Moreover, the implementation of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan ensures that the negative impact on the local community will be minimized.

In addition, in 2022, the acquisition of 38 MW operating wind farms in the area of Evia and 55 MW in Mani and of 2 PV parks, with total capacity of 16 MW in Viotia, was completed. In 2023 2 PV parks, 7.5 MW each, have been acquired in Cyprus. Finally, HELLENiQ RENEWABLES continues to assess investments in net-metering at the Group’s facilities, which are connected to the LV and MV networks.

HELLENiQ RENEWABLES follows the Group’s Safety and Environment (S&E) procedures with regards to compliance, reporting, risk and accidents prevention and management, both, during the construction phase and the operation. An S&E engineer is appointed for each new project with the responsibility to monitor relevant issues, supervise works and the S&E licensing stage, validity term and potential renewals.