Energize yourselves!

GLOBAL-ENERGY Solutions Ltd is engaged in the energy business since 2006, for the following categories of business activity:

A) Production of energy from Renewable Energy Sources (Solar Photovoltaic, Small Wind generators 50-900kW or greater, Hydro, H2 Hydrogen, Hybrid power plants with Energy Storage, Power Management Systems and in general renewable energy production and management solutions).

Aa) Autonomous Air-conditioning and or Refrigeration solutions with the use of Renewable Energy Sources.

B) Energy Efficiency applications and conversion of buildings to nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB), i.e. thermal insulation on wall and or roof surfaces, energy windows, shadowing systems, energy saving lights, heat pumps, solar thermal systems, ventilation systems, water saving solutions, self-production of energy and or energy storage systems, electrical vehicles charging stations, building energy management systems (BEMS) – KNX Advanced Partners.

C) Technical support and monitoring of the above types of installations.

GLOBAL-ENERGY Solutions Ltd is certified based on ISO standard 9001 for the scope of engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, as well for the scope of energy efficiency upgrade in buildings.

Photovoltaic activities

GLOBAL-ENERGY Solutions Ltd is widely recognized in the Greek market and the broader region. GES has constructed a large number of photovoltaic projects of all types of free field installations (fix mounting and 1-/2-axis tracking systems), as well roof installations (industrial, residential), of both small and bigger scale connected to Low Voltage and Medium Voltage grid, all across Greece and Balkans, as well in Gulf countries, Asia, Eastern Africa, etc.

GES is providing the most ideal solutions for the engineering, supply, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, as well for the development of residential and commercial solar photovoltaic self-consumption systems (Net Metering) for fulfilling one’s energy requirements and lighting requirements.

Products and other information

GLOBAL-ENERGY Solutions Ltd has significant experience in planning and applying energy efficiency technologies in the building sector, making use of all types of renewable energy sources.

GES is collaborating with leading internationally recognized companies for the supply and construction of solar photovoltaic/wind/hydro, Hybrid power plants for Production and Storage of Energy, Energy Management Systems (E.M.S), as well solar thermal and geothermal systems and Energy Saving systems in buildings.