BIG SOLAR S.A. was founded in 2009 and its core activity is the planning and development of photovoltaic systems for electricity production through solar energy.

It belongs to Bitros Group ( that holds a distinct position in the Greek business scene for the past 65 years.

The Group’s huge business experience (with emphasis on the import trade, stock management and distribution), the strong financial position, the close relation to the metallic constructions sector, the extensive construction activity, the highly qualified experts that cover the need for the management of complex projects (civil engineers, mechanical engineers, economists, analysts e.t.c.) are the competitive advantages of BIG SOLAR. These advantages can guarantee high quality in competitive prices for its clients.

Photovoltaic activities

BIG SOLAR S.A. covers the whole spectrum of photovoltaic services/activities, apart from equipment production.

In more detail BIG SOLAR:

  • Trades panels and inverters maintaining sufficient stocks to ensure just in time delivery in case a replacement is needed as well as in cases of small systems (domestic installations).
  • It provides turn-key projects of any size covering the technical and economic analysis, the licensing procedures, financing solutions, supply and installation of the equipment and insurance coverage solutions.
  • Undertakes the management of the PV installations (security surveillance and maintenance).
  • Develops and exploits PV installations as an owner-investor (in this frame the company acquires licenses and leases sites suitable for PV installations).
  • Develops financing schemes and schemes for the co-exploitation of PV parks.

Products or other information

The company co-operates with all the well-known and reliable solar module and inverter producers over the world, having the ability to offer the optimum solutions according to the needs, wishes and affording of each customer.

At present, BIG SOLAR manages projects in the range of 25 MW in different stages of development, while during 2010 has sold 5 MW in equipment.